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In 2010 I was working for a County Road Dept. maintaining roads and ditches in Portland Oregon. After some health issues I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I knew then that I needed to start thinking about another line of work that would be less strenuous on my body. I’m definitely  not the office type so I began to brainstorm daily with my  wife for a better option; used car salesman, sports announcer, replace Jeff  Probst on Survivor, nothing seemed to quite fit.

So in 2012 we decided to move closer to our families and we left Sandy Oregon for sunny Colorado Springs Colorado. As we settled in to a new home I quickly fell in love with taking my children to and from school every day and being home more often. I wondered how I might continue to enjoy this blessing? A former co-worker of mine back in Oregon turned me on to Used Oak Wine Barrel Crafts. I thought...hmmm, I should buy a Barrel and make a Hand made “Man Cave” Pub table in Denver Broncos colors and sell it to help contribute to the bills in our household. As I built that first table I remembered how much I enjoy woodworking and the creative process in general.

With each new handcrafted item I build I continue to be fulfilled in my work. It is always fun to recreate another idea, (a coffee table or benches and stools) but i really love the challenge of something new. If you are looking for custom features in your new home or business, give used oak wine barrels a call. We’ll be happy to give a custom quote for barrel furniture and décor. We also are working with some great local vendors that also create rustic, recycled wood and metal masterpieces that can bring that special ambiance to whatever location you request. Thanks for your business and I hope you enjoy your items and experience at usedoakwinebarrel.com

I not only love woodworking but many of my projects require some metal work too. It’s along way from my first welding job in Las Vegas where we worked out in an open  dirt lot fabricating conveyors for rock crushing plants. I don’t miss the heat, the dirt, or the sunburns!